Cold Wave Redux Won’t Freeze Delhi But Temperatures May Drop To…

A cold wave is predicted to hit Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR) next week, with the temperatures expected to go as low as 3 degree Celsius. The minimum temperature in Delhi yesterday was 10.2 degrees Celsius.

The India Meteorological Department today predicted that a cold wave will hit several areas of Delhi between January 16 and 18. The minimum temperature at Ayanagar and Ridge may settle around 3 degree Celsius on Tuesday and Wednesday.

After bone-chilling nights for the past several weeks, the IMD prediction means that things could get worse for Delhi residents. The weather department has warned people of frostbite, asking them to limit their outdoor activity.

“Eat vitamin C-rich fruits and vegetables and drink sufficient warm fluids to maintain adequate immunity. Avoid or limit outdoor activities,” the IMD said in its advisory.

Another weather agency, Skymet, has said that icy cold winds from the North have already led to a drop in temperatures in Rajasthan and Gujarat. But the agency refuted an expert’s claims who had predicted that the temperatures in Delhi could dip as far as -4 degrees Celsius next week.

“Delhi may witness a minimum of 3-4 degrees between 16 and 18 Jan but won’t go below 0 degrees in any way. Isolated pockets may witness a minimum around 2 degrees,” Skymet said in a tweet.

The extremely low temperatures are expected to hit the homeless and animals the hardest, and authorities have already started setting up more shelter homes.