Watch: Comedian’s Hilarious Take On Mass Layoffs Wins Internet

Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Twitter and Meta are some of the big names among the long-expanding list of companies that have announced mass layoffs in recent months. Now, offering her take on the widespread layoffs in the tech industry, comedian Shraddha Jain, who is also known as ‘Aiyyo Shraddha’ on social media, posted a hilarious video on Instagram, which was re-shared on Twitter by businessman Harsh Goenka on Monday. 

In the clip, Ms Shraddha played the role of a techie laid off from their job. She hilarious slammed tech companies that are letting go of employees despite raking in millions in profits. Her sarcastic humour to make her point not only impressed thousands of internet users but also RPG Group chairman Harsh Goenka who shared the clip on the micro-blogging website, with the caption: “A laid of techie…this is so funny @AiyyoShraddha.” 

Watch the video below: 

In the video, Ms Sharddha said that she felt bad for the HR team, who had to go from “diversity and inclusion” to “adversity and expulsion”. “From work from home to work from office to work for somebody else,” she said, adding, “And all this after all the employee interaction activities to keep employees happy. For that you need employees. They should have focused on keeping employees.”

The comedian did not spare companies for telling their employees they are “family”. “Real families take each other for granted but don’t let go of each other,” she said. 

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Further, Ms Shraddha also hilariously slammed the firms for laying off employees despite making a profit. “At the company offsite, we celebrated the company tripling its profit in a year. What happened? A month later we are so poor. Who robbed us?” she asked. 

Ms Shraddha then went on to make jokes about companies giving out merchandise. She said while her job lasted, the company was a “huge part of my life”. “Other than my government ID proofs, the company’s name is everywhere. T-shirt, bag, water bottle, pen, notebook, cap, coffee mug, mask, weekends, everywhere,” she said. 

“It was easier to forget my ex than it is to forget this company now,” she hilariously quipped, adding, “Next job bluntly say no to any company merchandise. Only package, no baggage.” 

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On social media, Ms Shraddha’s video quickly took the internet by storm. While on Instagram, it has accumulated more than 7 lakh views, on Twitter, it has garnered over 183,000 views. Netizens praised the comedian for turning a genuine situation into a hilarious skit, that too with proper knowledge of current affairs. 

“Truth to the power infinity,” wrote one user. “She is one of the extremely talented, creative and original humorists in India. Her content and work is simply out of the world,” said another. 

A third user commented, “Really love how she hs takn a genuine situation with proper knowledge of current affairs n made up a skit thts humorous n yet factual. With no swearing, no whining, no victim card or blaming. Clean, current n funny! Probably no other Indian stand up comic has ever achieved this.” 

“From “Diversity and Inclusion” to “Adversity and Expulsion” — Golden words indeed!” added fourth.