Watch: This Humanoid Robot Can Run, Jump And Throw Things Like Humans

From performing simple duties to advanced tasks, robots have entered practically every industry and are changing the world we live in. In the past decade, robotic technology has improved dramatically. Now, an American engineering and robotics company has unveiled a new prototype of its humanoid robot that can perform tasks like humans.  

Boston Dynamics on Wednesday released the latest demo of its humanoid robot, Atlas on its official YouTube channel. The description of the video reads, ”It’s time for Atlas to pick up a new set of skills and get hands-on. In this video, the humanoid robot manipulates the world around it: Atlas interacts with objects and modifies the course to reach its goal-pushing the limits of locomotion, sensing, and athleticism.” 

Watch the video here:

The video highlights the bipedal robot’s stunning agility and dexterity, as it assists a worker at a fake construction site. In the video, the robot is seen performing all sorts of tasks like running, jumping, grabbing and throwing things while helping a worker. From tossing planks, and climbing a set of stairs, to gently balancing a bag over its head, the robot shows off its impressive speed and athletic capabilities. After completing all tasks, the robot also effortlessly pulls off a backflip. 

The company said the robot’s rudimentary grippers were designed for heavy-lifting tasks, TechCrunch reported. 

Social media users were intrigued by the video and left a variety of comments. One user wrote, ” This level of advancement is amazing! I remember these machines as a kid, they could barely walk across the floor, look at them now! Congrats.” Another added, ”I can’t even begin to describe how beautiful seeing how smooth it is in action. nice work genuinely.” A third said, ” Honestly it is a bit weird, but awesome, to watch a robot move around so fluidly.” 

“We’re not just thinking about how to make the robot move dynamically through its environment like we did in Parkour and Dance. Now, we’re starting to put Atlas to work and think about how the robot should be able to perceive and manipulate objects in its environment,” Boston Dynamics’ team lead on Atlas, Scott Kuindersma told The Verge. Mr Kuindersma also added that the bipedal robot can do all sorts of tasks other robots can’t.