1. SOCIAL PARLIAMENT: We are pleased to inform you that world renowned News Portal www.aapkiawaz.com is constituting “National Advisory Council” which will work on the pattern of “Social Parliament”- An NGO towards permanent solution of problems faced by nation, particularly minorities. It will be first and biggest of its kind in the country, in which we are including names of at least one lakh prominent personalities of the minority community from all over India. However, names of prominent personalities from majority community will also be included on the basic principle of give and extend cooperation. The “Social Parliament” will function lawfully and peacefully within the ambit of constitution.

2. LAREB INTERNATIONAL: We are also establishing a comprehensive source of information from A to Z. It will have the solution to all of your requirements i.e. Education, Employment, Business, Legal, Investment, Matrimonial, Sale & Purchase, Services etc. in India & abroad. You can send your requirements or introduce your business or services at most competitive rates cum better quality.

3. E-LIBRARY OF RELIGIONS: With the aim to serve humanity, to facilitate peaceful co-existence of different religions and to promote the spirit of brotherhood, we are establishing “E-library of religions”. The library will consist of religious books, audio and video etc. of all religions. Apart from the efforts made by the trust any person can access books of any religion typed in Unicode form and seek services of Trust. The contributors can also include prayer messages for their relatives who have expired or put advertisement of their business etc.

4. RAHAT FOUNDATION OF INDIA (Baitul-Mall) (An organ of Regd. Trust) – One of the most important obligation in Islam. The organisation is first of its kind and will be 100% transparent. It will function democratically by disclosing complete details on the website. According to reliable sources approximately Rs. 40,000 crore from India is collected in Zakat only and if foreign contribution is also included it will reach up to Rs.1 lakh crore per annum. Secondly, 60-80% commission normally goes to collection agents and around 40-60% are fake collectors. In such cases, RAFI can be a very reliable source for contributors.